Racist Talk in Greek Public Discourse

by on 16/06/2014

MELBOURNE | The racist stereotypes and prejudices like xenophobia, which have infiltrated Greek public discourse both at the political and social level, aims to uncover an open lecture by Dr Efrosini Deligianni, this Thursday, at the Ithacan Philanthropic Society, organised by the Greek History and Culture Seminars of the Greek Community of Melbourne.

It clearly shows the role of the Greek media in the propagation of a racist ideology. Data analysis has not only uncovered a few notable differences in terms of the discourse strategies used by different groups across the political and ideological spectrum, but also a number of similarities, both glaring and disturbing.

A most interesting finding is that the discrimination and demonization of the ‘other’ is present across the board, even though it might differ in terms of frequency and intensity.

Efrosini Deligianni is a linguist specializing in Greek historical linguistics. She is currently the convenor of the Greek Studies Program at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, where she also teaches Introductory Linguistics. She has received her PhD from Lancaster University (UK). As a postgraduate student, she was awarded the Mont Follick Fund for research on Classical Greek.

Her research portfolio focuses on Greek syntactic change, as inextricably tied to socio-contextual and cognitive processing factors. In the past she was also actively involved in EU-funded research programs on Educational Technology, Global Education and Youth Activism.
Her other academically related interests are historiography, translation and creative writing.

Location: Ithacan Philanthropic Society, L.2, 329 Elizabeth Street.
Date: 19 June 2014, 7:00pm
Presenter: Dr. Efosini Deligianni
Entry: Free