Samaras: 2014 will be a year of recovery

| 02/01/2014

ATHENS | “We have passed through the difficulties and avoided the worst; 2014 will be a year of recovery and hope”, stressed prime minister Antonis Samaras in his New Year’s message.

He also said that “we are no longer asking for loans, we achieved what is self-evident: to meet our needs and, this, with the primary surplus. We took the first step to stand on our feet, we put an end to the vicious circle of recession and 2014 is dawning with prospects of recovery and growth”.

Mr Samaras also stressed that the primary surplus is not simply figures, it is the foundation of Greece’s independence and hope, and said the government would “return its largest part to society, to the weaker and the most unfairly treated. Recovery, as he said, will begin to create jobs and salary increases – the first collective labour agreement has already been signed after four years”.

He also added that “The reversal of the climate has begun and recovery will spread everywhere” and that Greece will enter the markets in 2014 and will become a normal country and furthermore the Greek debt will be proclaimed sustainable without memorandums.

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