Samaras on health reform: Greece must stop wasting funds

| 14/12/2013

ATHENS | Changes in the health sector are not done for financial reasons alone, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said recently during his address at a high-level conference on “Greek Reforms in the Health Sector: Improving Citizens’ Health,” organised by the Ministry of Health at the Athens Concert Hall.

According to Antonis Samaras “Greece must stop wasting funds and the country must stop being paralysed by deficits.”

“We had the highest expenditures in the health sector, while citizens were constantly being asked to pay out of pocket more and more. We have the highest number of private doctors’ offices and yet everyone went to hospitals (for care). We have a lot of doctors, but citizens had to wait for months to get an appointment with a doctor. We have more MRIs done than the United States.”

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