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by on 22/01/2014

ΡΕΤΗYΜΝΟ | Following an initiative from a team of young people, the foundation of a social cooperative enterprise of collective aim named “Citizens for Crete” has been completed. This new autonomous organisation is created with great responsibility and concern, aiming to help cover the gap of finding / attracting donors and sponsors for the implementation of small-scale projects of social, developmental and cultural nature, from associations, non-governmental and non-profit organisations, and other similar institutions in the island of Crete.

Starting with the launch of webpage that will present internationally all the demands of these organisations, addressing to individual donors and sponsors in Greece and abroad, Greeks of Diaspora, as well as any friend of Crete, the objective is to support such works that are beneficial to local societies, to strengthen cooperation and the creation a serious and continuous structure of communication via a transparent and complete structure.

Citizens for Crete also wishes to encourage networking with other corresponding organisations within and outside national borders for the promotion of volunteering for the support and aid of each effort of solidarity and actions to preserve Cretan tradition and culture.

Simultaneously it will seek the signature of protocols of collaboration with public institutions, the press, institutions, councils, associations and federations in Greece and the Diaspora.
Members of Citizens for Crete are not paid, they are volunteers. According to its statute and the relevant legislation (Ν.4019/2011), from it’s profits (potential donations, sponsorships, programmes) “Citizens on Crete” will allocate the 5% for the shaping of a reserve fund, and rest 95% for its activities as above, potential employees, and for creating new jobs.

Citizens for Crete was registered successfully in the General Registration of Social Economy of the Ministry of Employment, Social Security and Welfare.

Its creation, constitution and its foundation was inspired and signed by the following team of young people:
• Emmanouil Vergis, special advisor on international and european affairs
• Menelaos Panagiotakis, entrepreneur
• Ioanna Voudouri, economist
• Alexandros Kallergis, pol. scientist
• Georgios Moustakas, lawyer
• Artemis Manoura, accountant
• Chrysoula Stylianaki, foreign affairs consultant

We kindly request all potential Donors to start visiting our webpage to discover a variety of possibilities of different social works that can easily be supported and funded for the benefit of all citizens and local societies in Crete, and be part of this innovative Citizens for Crete initiative:

MAP of applications for potential

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