“No” to Golden Dawn’s MEPs in Australia

by on 28/08/2014

MELBOURNE | In regard to certain media reports that have circulated in both Australia and Greece about the proposed forthcoming visit of Golden Dawn’s members of the European Parliament to Australia, the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) once again expresses its opposition to such visits.

The policies and activities of this organization-whilst its leadership and executives have been detained for criminal acts in Greece-do not have any relevance, support or appeal amongst Melbourne’s Greek community. Therefore, the visit of its MEPs or any executive members in Australia is not desirable.

The President of the Greek Community of Melbourne, Mr. Bill Papastergiadis stated that “The visit by an anti-immigration party is incompatible with the pluralist and multicultural society within which we live in”.

Furthermore, Mr. Papastergiadis noted that “Our organisation has consistently opposed discrimination on race and religion, hence the GCM’s opposition to the Brandis proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. The GCM’s position on these matters applies equally to Golden Dawn”.