SYRIZA: We will put an end to memorandums

by TGA Newsroomon 02/01/2014
ATHENS | Main opposition party, SYRIZA, in its message for the New Year underlined that three years have passed since the imposition of the memorandums in the country, “three years since the worn-out political leadership of the bipartisan system handed over the country’s keys to its creditors”. According to SYRIZA, the year 2013 “was a […]

Opinion polls show SYRIZA lead over ND

by TGA Newsroomon 25/12/2013
ATHENS | Main opposition SYRIZA leads by 2.5 over New Democracy (ND), according to an opinion poll conducted by Pulse published at the Saturday edition of “Efimerida ton Syntakton” newspaper. According to the poll results, SYRIZA leads with 25 percent, followed by ND with 22.5 percent, ultra-right Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avghi) with 13 percent, PASOK […]

Tsipras is the European Left’s Commission president candidate

by TGA Newsroomon 15/12/2013
The leader of Greece’s main opposition party SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, was confirmed as the European Left’s candidate for European Commission president during the party’s meeting in Madrid. “The time of the left has come,” he said during his speech at the 4th European Left Congress. “This is our time to change Europe, and we will […]

Tsipras: First 100 days plan of the government of the Left

by TGA Newsroomon 19/11/2013
ATHENS | The government’s fear of the Europarliament elections works as a catalyst for developments before May, noted main opposition and SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras in an interview with the Sunday edition of Avghi newspaper entitled “the first 100 days plan of the government of the Left” in which opens a window of cooperation to […]

Greece hopes for a budget surplus

by TGA Newsroomon 13/11/2013
ATHENS | Greece is expected to post a budget surplus of about 345 million euros ($463 million) before interest payments this year according to Deputy minister for Finance Mr Christos Staikouras. Mr Staikouras said that the January-October balance stood at 1.1 billion euros ($1.48 billion). “It seems that the country will meet its national target. […]
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